Patient Stretcher








Manual Patient Transfer Stretcher


Height adjustable: from 510mm to 850mm
back rest upward: 0-70°


  • The cart frame is made of quality quality coated steel plate.
  • Cart surface & side rails are shaped by once injection molding of PP engineering plastics.
  • Stainless steel manual crank & S.S I.V pole stand


  1. Size: 1930*660*510/850mm
  2. Epoxy gas spring handle located at bed head end. pull it and hold the handle to rise and low the back part. Back rest 0°-70°
  3. One S.S crank located at bed foot end, for rising and lowering the whole stretcher cart.
  4. 150mm dia. Castors, with central brake system, stable and reliable.
  5. Collapsible PP side rails, can be raised and lowered respectiviely, very convenienty for the patient to get on or get off the bed. PP material is smooth, teender in out-side profile, and easy to clean.
  6. With Oxgen Bottle holder, and S.S I.V pole stand





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