Hemocytometer Blood Counting Chamber with Cover Slips



Hemocytometer Blood Counting Chamber with Cover Slips


  • High quality reusable hemocytometer for counting cell densities.
  • High light transmission for easy visibility
  • Clearly visible counting grids
  • Depth 0.10mm,Ruling Pattern 1/400 (0.0025) sq mm

Product Description

Includes: 1* reusable Neubauer hemocytomete.
100pcs *Glass Cover Slip(22mm*26mm)

  • The hemocytometer is made of high quality thick glass.
  • Each counter is divided into two equal counting pools by H-shaped grooves.
  • A supporting column is arranged on both sides of the counting pool, and a special coverslip designed for the counting chamber is covered on it to form a counting pool with a height of 0.10 mm.
  • The counting pool is drawn with a 3.0mm long and wide square, divided into 9 large squares.
  • The area of each large square is 1.0mm2., and its volume is 0.1mm3 (ul).
  • Among 9 large squares, the central square is divided into 25 middle squares with double lines.
  • Five middle squares in the middle and corners are red blood cell counts, divided into 16 squares with a single line.
  • The four squares in the four corners are the white blood cell count areas, divided into 16 squares with a single line

Applications: blood counts, sperm counts, cell culture, beer brewing, cell processing for downstream analysis, measurement of cell size.


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