FA-B Series Analytical Balance



FA-B Series Analytical Balance


Product Description:

FA-b series electronic analytical balance is developed by using electromagnetic balance sensor technology. It has the characteristics of high precision and strong environmental adaptability. It also has the functions of linear four-point calibration, counting and multiple unit conversion. The performance of the electronic balance is more stable and the reaction speed is faster.

This series of electronic balance is also equipped with standard RS232C data interface, which can be connected with microcomputer, printer and other equipment. It can be widely used in medical research institutions, schools, enterprises and institutions, highway construction and national defense departments. It is an ideal instrument for accurate measurement.


  • Humanized design, novel structure, five-sided transparent glass windshield. Adopt a new generation of electromagnetic level the balance weighing sensor ensures the high precision of the product. With automatic fault detection, linear four-point calibration, overload protection and other applications.
  • Large LCD display with backlight. Make the operator’s vision softer and clearer


  • It has many functions, such as piece count, unit conversion (metric carat, gold ounces, etc.), stability, full range peeling, zero-point tracking, etc., which makes the operation simpler and reliable.


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