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Colony Counter



Colony counter is a kind of semi-automatic bacteria testing instrument with digital display. It consists of counter, probe pen and counting pool. It consists of three parts. Products are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, biological products, sanitary products, drinking water, industrial waste water, clinical samples of bacterial count test. It can reduce the labor intensity of laboratory personnel, improve work efficiency and work quality. It is a necessary instrument for all levels of health and epidemic prevention stations, environmental monitoring stations, food hygiene supervision and inspection institutes, hospitals, biological products institutes, drug inspection institutes, food factories, daily chemical factories, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and laboratories.

Product Features:

  • LED digital tube display colony number, clear and intuitive
  • The counter is designed and manufactured by CMOS integrated circuit.
  • Black deep background counting pool, energy-saving ring fluorescent lamp side lighting, uniform brightness, no glare, colony contrast clear.
  • Grid counting disk, easy to observe, leak proof sealing ring, good sealing performance.


  • Counting pen with refill and press counting function, easy to write the counted colonies, easy to write the number of colonies.


Product Parameters:


Voltage / frequency (V,Hz) AC220V/50/60HZ, DC12V,
Power (W) 7W
Display mode LED digital tube
Working area size (mm) φ110
restart at Counting pen at the bottom of culture dish
Number of standard counting pens 2
Counting capacity 0-999
Is it a magnetic integrated magnifying glass yes
Magnifying glass specification (/ φ mm) φ90
Magnifier magnification 3 / 6 times
Type of light source LED
Is it equipped with voice broadcast function /
Is it equipped with charging function /


Net weight (kg) 1.6KG
Overall dimension (mm) 320X240X100



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