Carbon Dioxide Cell Incubator



Carbon Dioxide Cell Incubator 



Technical Parameters

External material: cold-rolled steel plate with plastic sprayed surface

Internal material: stainless steel plate

Outer door: cold-rolled steel plate with plastic sprayed surface

Inner door: Tempered glass

Insulation layer: centrifugal glass wool board

Temperature control range: room  temperature +3 ~60 (Ambient temperature 5 ~35 )


Temperature control method: PID control method

Heating method: water jacket type / air jacket type

Circulation method in the box: breeze stirring method

Temperature fluctuation: ≤ ±0.2°C

Temperature uniformity: ≤ ±0.3°C

Timing range: continuous operation without timing or 1~9999min

CO2 concentration control range: 0~20%

CO2 control method: 2 series: air distribution type


3 series: Imported infrared sensor solenoid valve switch mode

Humidification method: natural evaporation of humidification water tray

Sterilization method: UV sterilization ultraviolet


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