Bunsen Burner



Bunsen Burner


Natural gas / gas) Bunsen Burner:

Fuel products: natural gas, gas, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high efficiency

Product materials: Copper nozzle, nickel alloy nozzle, nickel alloy sealing valve, stainless steel connector, stainless steel base, steel gas control valve, air flow control hole.

Product Introduction: gas copper burner, propane burner, American natural gas burner, Bunsen burner can safely burn gas fuel, and the flame will not flow back into the gas supply pipe. In terms of fuel, gas or petroleum gas is usually used. It is mixed with air through the tube under the Bunsen lamp and then introduced. The ratio is air: gas = 3:1. The fire temperature can reach 1500C. When the air volume is small, the mixed gas will produce small carbon particles. If the air is excessive, the flame will backfire and burn in the lamp tube. Because of high combustion efficiency and low pollution, it is used in laboratory.


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